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#2136 - Graham Hancock & Flint Dibble

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🗓️ 16 April 2024

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Graham Hancock, formerly a foreign correspondent for "The Economist," has been an international bestselling author for more than 30 years with a series of books, notably "Fingerprints of the Gods," "Magicians of the Gods" and "America Before," which investigate the controversial possibility of a lost civilization of the Ice Age destroyed in a global cataclysm some 12,000 years ago. Graham is the presenter of the hit Netflix documentary series "Ancient Apocalypse." https://grahamhancock.com https://www.youtube.com/GrahamHancockDotCom https://twitter.com/Graham__Hancock Flint Dibble is an archaeologist at Cardiff University who has conducted field work and laboratory analyses around the Mediterranean region from Stone Age caves to Egyptian tombs to Greek and Roman cities. Flint enjoys sharing archaeology - from the nitty gritty to the grand - with people around the world. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, "Archaeology with Flint Dibble," or follow him on X/Twitter for behind-the-scenes deep dives into 21st century archaeology. www.youtube.com/flintdibble https://twitter.com/FlintDibble Links for donations to: the Archaeological Institute of America: https://www.archaeological.org/donate/ the Council for British Archaeology: https://www.archaeologyuk.org/support-us/donations.html the Society for American Archaeology: https://ecommerce.saa.org/saa/Member/SAAMember/Fundraising/SAA_Donate.aspx Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Train by day Joe Rogan Podcast all day.


All day. All right. Well, this took a lot of time to organize, but I'm very excited and I'm


happy you're both here. Thank you. Flint, please introduce yourself to everybody what you do.


Yeah, hi my name is Flint and I'm an archaeologist. I've done archaeology my whole life.


My dad was an archaeologist and I'm just very passionate about sharing archaeology and what we do I find in general


that people don't really understand what modern archaeology is about and so I'm going to try to get


that across while here you know know, that's my goal.




Take that microphone and try to keep it about a fifth from your, a fist from your face.


One second, we have to, his, uh, his uh,


HDMI is not working, it's not going through.


Mine is not.


All right, we had a bit of a technical issue, but we're up.


So Flint, you were just explaining how your passion is archaeologists, you're an archaeologist,


and you have this opportunity to sort of educate people on how archaeology


is done.


Yeah, that's my goal is to try to share what we do, why we do it and what our goals are


with it. okay terrific and Graham everybody


knows you been on this podcast well times largely thanks to you Joe oh very


happy to introduce the world do it. Are we okay Flint with the


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