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JRE MMA Show #158 with Tank Abbott

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan


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🗓️ 6 June 2024

⏱️ 132 minutes

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Joe sits down with David “Tank” Abbott, a retired professional mixed martial artist, former pro wrestler, and pioneer in the world of combat sports. www.ufc.com/athlete/tank-abbott Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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The Joe Rogan


Experience Train by Day, Joe Rogan, all day.


All day! What's happening, baby? Good to see you. Oh, likewise. It's been a long road for both of us.


It has been a long road, man. Yes. I think I first met you in 1997.


I don't know the dates, but I remember meeting you officially are in my memory in New Orleans or somewhere around there when I was


sitting like in an auditorium and you came in and sat down next to me and at that time people used to bother me all the time.


And so I was getting some fresh air and away from everyone and you came up and sat down and I was in my head I was like oh no I just want some peace and you rolled up and you were old up and you were totally cool and I was like, oh, that guy's cool.


We had a good session wrapping.


Yeah, I remember first meeting, you know, when you talk about like the early days of the UFC like you you are one of the real original legends of mm.


I mean you were one of the very first guys and you were one of the very first guys


first of all you're one of the very first guys if not the first to wear gloves


which I always thought was very smart I know V-Tore I think was one of the first?


No. Who was the very first? Was it you? I don't know the the people out there in


The internet world say this Melton Bowen guy. He was a striker boxer kind of guy in the early UFCs.


I did not get the idea from him at all and who was the other guy with the one glove.


Oh yeah he just died recently damn it.


I forgot his name.


It was back in the days with the Fred Eddies.


Mark Jimerson. Yes. Yeah. And Fred Edish. That's right.


And Harold Howard and all those guys. Yes.


And at the time I had just getting out of jail for beating up a cop's son and they kind of, he used his position to his dad make things go the way for the


prosecution even though he deserved to get beat up and I obliged him.


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