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Peanuts (the comic) Part I

Stuff You Should Know


Society & Culture

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🗓️ 19 March 2024

⏱️ 52 minutes

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Today we pay tribute to one of the most iconic pieces of American culture. Listen in to hear us gush about Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

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All that's sitting and swiping, our backs hurt, our eyeballs sting.


That's our bodies adapting to our technology, but we can do something about it.


We saw amazing effects.


I really felt like the cloud in my brain kind of dissipated. There's no turning back for me.


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Hey, I'm Bruce Bosse.


On the last season of Table for Two. We had some good times with some of the best guests you could possibly ask for. Table for two is a bit different from other interview shows. We sit down at a great restaurant for a meal and the stories


start flowing. We're back for a second season. We'll be breaking bread with


Colin Jost, Michael Mann. Devine Joy Randolph just to name a few. Listen and subscribe to Taylor. God at your podcast. Welcome to Stuff You Should Know, a production of I Heart Radio.


And welcome to the podcast. I'm Josh, there's Chuck. Ben's here sitting in for


Jerry. It's Ben each week in the producer's chair and this is stuff you should know.


Uh, I got a slide whistle in my Christmas talking.


You realize you got me this slide whistle.


I know, but I got my own now. Oh okay I thought we were talking


about me. No no no are you I guess you're still enjoying it you brought it out


yes yeah I love it. Would you use it for with peanuts?


I just thought it kind of fit the motif a little bit, comics, you know?




I've been looking for an opportunity to bust it out and here we go. I thought you because not everyone knows this and this almost never happens we've started to record Josh said hold on a second and left and I was pretty convinced you were going to come back


with a trombone and a plunger. That was close. That was close man that would have


been something now I suddenly am ashamed of my slide whistle.


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