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PRECEDENT: Kitty Genovese

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🗓️ 25 December 2023

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Kitty Genovese has become infamous as the woman who was ignored by her neighbors as she was being murdered. Much of her story has been embellished or misreported, though that’s not to say the truth isn’t horrific and her legacy lasting. Kitty’s case set the precedent for the 911 system we have in place and rely on to this day.

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host Ashley Flowers and as promised I'm here to bring you the


10th and final episode of our precedent series and this is one of two episodes that


I dropped today.


So if you haven't already, you got to go back and listen to the story of Henry


Alford, and a little something we know now as the Alford plea.


But for this last episode, I want to tell you a story that may sound


familiar to some of you. Now, this case is actually the one that sparked the idea


for this entire series, and it has to do with the three digit now infamous


number you can call when you're in need of help 911. As a self-proclaimed


crime junkie the concept of an emergency help line seemed synonymous with all true crime stories.


So much so that I can vividly remember the first time I read an article that talked about a time before 911 and it


stopped me in my tracks. What do you mean before? I mean I couldn't fathom it. I


always assumed that for as long as there were phones in people's


homes there was a way to call for help. But I was so wrong. There was a time before, and before there was a 911 number. There was Kitty Genovese. This is her story. The The So, It was a cold night in March 1964 when 29 year old Catherine Genovese, who everyone called


Kitty left the bar that she managed in Hollis, Queens, and headed for home.


It was around 3 in the morning, but she's in New York, the city that never sleeps, so hers


was not the only car on the road. Kitty was eager to get


home not just because it was 3 a.m. but also because it was her one-year


anniversary with her partner Mary Ann. Kitty and Mary Ann lived together in a second floor apartment in a neighborhood in Queens called Hugh Gardens.


It was a pretty small building, just two stories with retail on the ground level and 14 apartments upstairs.


The early morning hours of March 16th were just like any other for Kitty.


It wasn't until she parked her car, a block from her apartment that she noticed she was being followed.


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