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#2144 - Chris Distefano

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🗓️ 2 May 2024

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Chris DiStefano is a stand-up comic and the host of "Chrissy Chaos" and "Christories." He also co-hosts "Hey Babe!" alongside Sal Vulcano. His latest special, "Speshy Weshy," is available to stream on Netflix. www.chrisdcomedy.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Train by day Joe Rogan Podcast all day.


I never know what's going on with you if this is like an act or if this is part of the fun of being


Chrissy D I mean no well ChrissyD. was third person. Now we're coming into a part.


Two major things have happened here. Okay? One, I've refound my love for Christ and I'm back believing I'm back being Catholic I'm back in


Nice got two feet in Catholicism okay we're back baby and then the other thing is, is I made,


I, six months ago, I had this beautiful house, Staten Island,


right, everything we wanted.


Sold the house because I was having anxiety about doing a show at Radio City.


Swear to God, my brain couldn't process it that way.


But through therapy, the therapist figured out and it's right


because I checked on this with my girlfriend and she was like that's exactly what


you did got was very nervous about Radio City didn't know where to put that energy, because it's a big show, I'm a New York guy,


biggest weekend of my life.


So I said about two weeks before Radio City came home, I said,


we're putting up the house for sale, I want to be able to walk to a bagel store. We can't walk to a bagel store at this house on Staten Island. I need that for my creative process. And my girl was like, what are you doing we just


you just poured money into this is our home I was like


i can walk to a bagel store and mike it's gonna fuck my comedy up it will


what she yeah and and then you know if and then people if you knew my address back then, you would know that there's a bagel store, 0.9 miles away that I didn't know about.


But you had a dream house?


I had a dream house that we put to our liking and I said, I couldn't, didn't understand it then.


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