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  • 2 million and counting – explore the largest open database of transcripts and go straight to the audio sample. Gather intelligence faster than ever and gain an edge over your competitors.
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Level up your research game

Unlock spoken content and explore a previously opaque source of information. Ideal for market research, open-source intelligence, podcasters and the curious listener.

Rapid transcript search

Search for mentioned phrases and dive into the transcript with timestamps and links to the audio. Find what they said and when they said it with powerful full text search.

Email alerts for your keywords

Want to know what podcasters are saying about your product? Stop guessing and start measuring. Stay ahead of the competition with insights emailed to you within hours.

AI powered chat

With AI-powered Q&A you can chat with any podcast. Start a group chat with multiple podcasts to broaden the knowledge behind the answers with links to the original transcripts.

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David Phillips

David Phillips

Market researcher

Tapesearch is a brilliant addition to our market intelligence toolbox. It makes it easier than ever to find what people are saying about our brands and competitors in near real-time.
Our ability to act with this new source of information gives us a significant competitive advantage over other companies.

Juergen Berkessel

Juergen Berkessel

Creator, Polymash

The team behind Tapesearch created a platform that can improve your podcast's SEO and discoverability, which is crucial for any podcaster looking to grow their audience. Additionally, Tapesearch makes podcasts more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community, which we think is an excellent move toward inclusivity in podcasting.

Leon Novački

Leon Novački

Software engineer

I personally do not like listening to podcasts, I prefer reading, so this became a source of pain for me, wanting to find some information but it being locked behind 3 hours of chatter. With this, I can find the information that I need and only listen to the segment I am actually interested in.




  • View timestamped transcripts with links to the audio segments
  • Search for text within titles and summaries
  • Basic filtering
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