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EXPERT ON: Safety from Online Sex Abuse

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🗓️ 18 December 2023

⏱️ 34 minutes

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Join Brit and the founder of Safety from Online Sex Abuse (SOSA), Roo Powell, and learn about the incredible work SOSA is doing, how to stay safe online, and how any Crime Junkie parents can best support their children against the monsters of the internet.

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Hi crime junkies, it's Britt. This is one of two episodes you are getting in your feed today, so if you haven't listened to our previous episode titled Be Weird, Be Rude, Stay Alive, Sextortion, go back and listen because this episode is actually a bonus episode. Now buckle up because I was lucky enough to have a conversation with the one and only Ru


Powell who we talked about at the end of today's episode.


Ru is the founder of Sosa, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness in combating


online child sex abuse and exploitation.


During our conversation, we talked about the work that Sosa is doing,


how to stay safe online,


how our crime junkie parents out there


can best support their kids, and so much more.


So without further ado.


Roo, I'm so excited to talk to you today. I think the first question that I'd like our


listeners to know is hear a little bit about you and Sosa and kind of how you came to


create Sosa.


Yeah, so Sosa is a 501c3 nonprofit


and our goal is ending online sex abuse


or ending sex abuse in all its forms. So it originally started where I've been this kind of career, long writer, and child advocacy has always been a really big part of that. And I was also working in tech.


And one of the things that we saw was online sex abuse.


We saw a lot of other tech adjacent concerns, right?


Like bullying and just everything that comes along with having a


smartphone now. And what I wanted to do was really demonstrate the


ubiquity of online predation. So what we ended up doing is I led a team of designers and writers and we just took a photo of me and


D-H-It a bunch and I just wanted to show parents what can happen when a kid's online. I did this because I think


for parents who are my age, like my parents never worried about a smartphone or Snapchat. They worried about


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