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Israel’s Deadly Airstrike on the World Central Kitchen

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🗓️ 4 April 2024

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The Israeli airstrike that killed seven workers delivering food in Gaza has touched off global outrage and condemnation. Kim Severson, who covers food culture for The Times, discusses the World Central Kitchen, the aid group at the center of the story; and Adam Rasgon, who reports from Israel, explains what we know about the tragedy so far. Guest: Kim Severson, a food correspondent for The New York Times. Adam Rasgon, an Israel correspondent for The New York Times.

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From New York Times, I'm Michael Abarro.


This is the Daily.


The Israeli Airstike that killed 7 aid workers delivering food in Gaza


has touched off outrage and condemnations from across the world.


Today, Kim Severson on the pioneering relief group at the


center of the story and Adam Raskon on what we're learning about the deadly attack on the group's workers.


It's Thursday, April 4th. Kim, can you tell us about the World Central Kitchen.


World Central Kitchen started as a little idea in Chef Jose Andre's head.


He was in Haiti with some other folks trying to do earthquake relief in 2010. And his idea at that point was to teach Haitians to


cook and to use solar stoves and ways for people to feed themselves because the


infrastructure was gone.


And he was cooking with some Haitians in one of the camps,


and they were showing him how to cook beans the Haitian way.


He sort of smashed them and make them a little creamy and it occurred to him that there was something so comforting for those folks to eat food that was from their culture that tasted good to them.


You know, if you're having a really hard time, what makes you


feel good is comfort food, right, and warm comfort food. Right. So that moment in


the camp really was the seed of this idea. It planted this notion in Jose Andre's mind and that notion


eventually became World Central Kitchen.


And for those who don't know, Kim, who exactly is chef Jose Andres?


Jose Andres is a Spanish chef who cooked under some of the Spanish molecular gastronomy


greats, came to America, really made his bones


in Washington, D.C.


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