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MURDERED: Deanna Cook

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🗓️ 2 October 2023

⏱️ 38 minutes

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When 32-year-old Deanna Cook is found murdered in her home, her family automatically suspects her ex-husband. But despite a swift arrest, the investigation into her homicide reveals appalling gaps in the Dallas 911 system and the people who failed Deanna when she needed them most.

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Hi, crime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers, and I'm Pritt, and the story I have for


you today is about a woman who was failed over and over again by the people and the systems


who should have rushed to her side in her time of need.


October is domestic violence awareness month, and this year I wanted to tell you about


a case that has infuriated me to my core. This is the story of Deanna Cook.


It's Sunday, August 19, 2012, and Vicki Cook has a bad feeling because she hasn't been able


to reach her 32-year-old daughter, Deanna, in two days. Deanna's not answering her phone,


she hasn't posted on Facebook, and she didn't come to church this morning. So Vicki's mom


senses are telling her that something's wrong. She decides to head over to Deanna's house


to check up on her, probably hoping that she's maybe just overreacting. And she doesn't


go alone. She takes her other daughter, Carlytha, as well as Deanna's two daughters who don't


live with their mom. But any hope she had that she was just overreacting fades as she approaches


Deanna's house and sees water flowing from beneath the garage door. Two of her dogs


are outside too, and they are barking in the backyard. So the women walk around her house,


pulling on the front door, and the back gate trying to get inside, but both are locked.


And they can't see anything amiss other than this water flowing outside, which is kind


of a big thing to be amiss. Right. They know they have to get inside. So they call


the Dallas police for some assistance. I mean, they don't just want to go breaking into


her home. But the officer they speak with doesn't give them the help they need. She says


that before any officers get sent to the house, they need to check all the local jails


and the hospitals, which like, by the way, isn't a thing for a welfare check. No, I'm


flabbergasted. Yeah. And I honestly know this because literally just yesterday, me and


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