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🗓️ 18 September 2023

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When Morgan Patten is killed in a mysterious auto crash while visiting her fiancé in North Carolina, police are quick to call it a tragic accident. But her loved ones believe she was the victim of foul play, and they won’t rest until they learn the truth.

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Hi, crime junkies. I'm your host, Ashley Flowers. And I'm Britt. And today's story is about a vibrant young woman who was on the verge of having all her dreams come true when she was killed in a mysterious auto crash while on a trip to visit her fiance.


But unlike investigators, her loved ones can't write this off as just a tragic accident and after digging into this case, I can understand why.


This is the story of Morgan Patton.


It's late on a chilly night in the small town of Maisville, North Carolina. And a man named Randy is settling into watch TV. But his peaceful night is shattered when suddenly he hears this loud boom.


Now, Maisville is pretty close to the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base. So loud booms aren't necessarily out of the ordinary. Right. And even at this time, which is about 10.51 p.m. on Friday, November 8, 2019. But this boom sounds too close. And when Randy looks outside, he sees that a pickup truck has crashed into the yard across the street from him.


He tells his wife to call 911. He grabs a flashlight and he hurries over just in case he can be of some assistance. But when he approaches the crash, he can barely believe his eyes because the truck is just demolished.


I mean, the frame is nearly torn off. The truck bed is even farther up the road. There's another chunk of the truck across the street in a ditch.


Three of the tires are gone. One rolled all the way into Randy's yard. And to top it all off, there is debris everywhere. And we're not just talking pieces of the truck. Like there are cans of beer, torn trash bags filled with red solo cups, cigarettes, food wrappers. There's even a white cowboy hat on the ground.


Did they run into something or did this thing explode? No, so this thing ran into a tree. And I know I said yard, which might sound like our local weatherman situation.


I don't know if you remember that when he how could I forget ran his own car into his yard and like call police. Yes, but basically the police later determined that the truck was doing like 86 miles per hour.


When it tried to like navigate this hairpin turn so the driver basically over corrected lost control skidded across the two lane highway and then hit this tree, which caused the truck to roll over.


That's why it split into pieces and why everything from inside the truck is just I'm truly everywhere. The debris field is literally the size of a hockey rink.


Now as Randy is just taking everything in, he notices a pair of boots sticking out of the rear driver side window. And he realizes that there's a man in the back seat.


And he can tell that this guy is having trouble breathing, but before he can even approach him, another man climbs out of the driver's side door.


So there are survivors of this crash. The way you're describing it, I'm surprised anyone's even alive.


But not only is this guy alive, the one that runs out of the driver's side door, he runs around the front of the truck and yells for someone to wake up and then he rushes to the back passenger seat and frantically tries to wake up the guy back there.


Randy meanwhile goes around the front of the truck and that's when he sees a young woman and it looks like she had been ejected from the vehicle.


So now she's on the ground with her legs under the cab near the front passenger door. And to Randy, it doesn't seem like she's breathing.


But just a few minutes later, first responders show up. And when they arrive, this woman is apparently now gasping for air.


So they pull her out from underneath the truck hoping they can do something to save her, but they quickly realize there isn't anything they can do. And she is pronounced dead at 11.07pm.


Meanwhile, the back seat passenger appears to be in bad shape, so he's airlifted to a local hospital. Only the driver seems to have escaped largely unscathed.


And he's like walking in circles, telling anyone who will listen that he didn't mean to hurt anybody.


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