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SERIAL KILLER: The Alphabet Murders Part 2

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True Crime

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🗓️ 26 February 2024

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Dozens of commuters see a young girl fleeing a car on the side of the expressway in Rochester, NY, but no one pulls over to help. The community is devastated when her body is discovered just days later, but it’s assumed to be a tragic but isolated incident. But when more young girls go missing…only to have their bodies discovered within days in a similar manner…the community must ask: is a serial killer stalking the streets of Rochester? And is he choosing his victims based on a seemingly random characteristic?

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host Ashley Flowers and I'm Britt and this is part two of


this week's case covering the murders of Carmen Cologne Wanda Walkewitz and


Michelle Maienza the three girls from Rochester, New York who have been bound together in history because of their location and the similarities in their attacks, and their double initials, sparking a debate about exactly how many monsters were on the


loose killing children in the 1970s. Were there separate killers or was there just one?


We're picking up right where we left off in part one.


So let's dive in. the Oh, The young witness who'd come forward after Michelle's murder said that she was on a street corner near a shopping


plaza when a light-colored car driven by a scary man careened by screeching as a jump onto the sidewalk where she was standing.


She said it almost ran her over and then almost caused an accident with other cars


that had to slam on their brakes and through the window she could see her friend Michelle's


crying scared face as the car sped away.


After investigators speak with the little girl and her mother on November 30th, other witnesses


actually corroborate this story, including the drivers of the other cars who had to like slam on their




The problem is no one got a great look at the actual driver the man it all just happened so fast


Wait you said November 30th. That's what like four days? Four days after the incident, yeah, that the


story is making it to police. So why did it take four days for the story to


get called in? That's a million dollar question.


Because again, if you remember from the last episode,


she went and told her mom about it, like,


right that afternoon as soon as she got home.


When it happened.


Yeah, she was so scared.


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