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The Staggering Success of Trump’s Trial Delay Tactics

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🗓️ 11 April 2024

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For former President Donald J. Trump, 2024 was supposed to be dominated by criminal trials. Instead, he’s found ways to delay almost all of them. Alan Feuer, who covers the criminal cases against Mr. Trump for The Times, explains how he did it. Guest: Alan Feuer, who covers extremism and political violence for The New York Times.

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From New York Times, I'm Michael Balbaro. This is the Daily.


Today, for Donald Trump, 2024 was supposed to be dominated by criminal trials.


Instead, he's found ways to delay almost all of them.


My colleague, Alan Foyer, on how Trump did it. It's Thursday, April 11th.


So, Alan, we are on the cusp of the very first criminal trial of former President


Donald Trump, which begins next week.


So all eyes are going to be on Lower Manhattan.


Yeah, and you'll definitely remember this case, Michael.


It's often short-handed as the Hush Money case.


It involves allegations that Trump used illegal accounting techniques to hide the fact that he had paid off a porn star.


Prosecutors say he wanted to cover up a sexual affair that they had had so that the scandal


didn't blow up Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.


Right. You know, that case, which has always been a weird mix of like tabloid and election


interference stuff, it's sometimes written off as the runt of the various cases Trump is facing even


though that's not quite true. Nonetheless it is the exception in one important


way it is actually going to go in front of a jury before the election takes place,


before voters go to the polls. Let's not forget, Trump is facing four criminal cases in four separate cities and in three of them


he and his legal team have managed in various ways to throw sand into the gears of these


proceedings to essentially grind them down to all but a halt. Right it appears


that Trump has found a way to push back basically 75% of the criminal cases brought against him until it looks like, for now, after voters are going to decide whether or not to reelect him


which if it stays that way would be a pretty astonishing accomplishment of a kind in


I'd argue both illegal and a political sense.


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