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A Salacious Conspiracy or Just 34 Pieces of Paper?

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🗓️ 23 April 2024

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The prosecution and the defense both opened their cases on Monday in the first criminal trial of Donald Trump. Jonah Bromwich, who watched from inside the courtroom, walks us through the arguments. Guest: Jonah E. Bromwich, a reporter for The New York Times covering criminal justice in New York.

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It's 621 a.m. on Monday. I'm walking past City Hall, downtown. Just a couple blocks away from the courthouse where openings are going to begin today and the Trump's trial.


One thing that's really striking to me about today is that we've all known the story


that's about to be told for a long time now and I can tell you it gets a little dull writing the words stemming from a hush


money payment to a porn star in each story stemming from a hush money


payment to a porn star. But now it's really happening. This is a


case, a criminal case against Donald Trump and today it's going to be


presented to a jury.


It's gone from story to reality.


From New York Times, I'm Michael Bobaro. This is the Daily.


Today, the prosecution and the defense lay out their case in the first criminal trial of Donald Trump. We turn once again to my colleague Jonah Bromwich who watched from inside the courtroom.


It's Tuesday, April 23rd.


Oh, hello.


You're wearing a courtroom tie.


That's all right.


First day. Very handsome. Thank you. Okay, you ready? I'm ready. Okay.


Well, Jonah, welcome back. Thank you. I want to start with kind of credit where credit is due. You last week when you came and spoke about jury selection in this trial,


predicted against all odds that it would take a single week, which I was pretty skeptical of, you were right.


And I wonder if you can just...


I mean, you know, sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it right sometimes we get it wrong when you get


it right you get some points just describe the final jury that we ended up


getting given as you had told us the huge importance of the jury to this case.


Sure, so five of them are women, seven of them are men,


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