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Is $60 Billion Enough to Save Ukraine?

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🗓️ 24 April 2024

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Lawmakers approved a giant new tranche of support for Ukraine late last night after a tortured passage through the U.S. Congress, where it was nearly derailed by right-wing resistance in the House. Marc Santora, a Times reporter in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, explains what effect the money could have, given Ukraine’s increasing desperation on the battlefield. Guest: Marc Santora, who covers Ukraine for The New York Times.

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From the New York Times, I'm Sabrina Tavernisee, and this is the Daily.


Late last night, a long delayed aid package for Ukraine passed its final hurdle in


Congress, throwing the embattled country a 60 billion dollar lifeline, but giving Ukraine's desperation on the battlefield, will


that be enough to save it? Today, my colleague Mark Santora explains.


It's Wednesday, April 24th. So Mark last night, after many, many months, the US Congress finally approved an


aid package to Ukraine. It passed in the Senate just before 10 p.m. And of course it's very


very substantial billions and billions of dollars. But we also know that the


war is not going well at all for the Ukrainians right now. You've been in Ukraine


covering this war since the beginning in 2022. You're in Kiev right now. So my


question for you is this, What does all of this money mean for Ukraine at this point in the war?


Is it going to make a difference given the state of things?


100% it's going to make a difference.


And the Ukrainians have been waiting for months and months for this news.


60 billion of which 46 billion is military aid basically is the equivalent of all that the


United States has given Ukraine over the past two years in total. So it's a lot of


money, it's a lot of supplies that can buy a lot of what Ukraine needs,


but they need it right now because the situation across the front has been turning increasingly


grim for the Ukrainians who find themselves outman and out gunned.


So on that point Mark, it's been a couple of months now since we last talked about the war on


the show. And you know, I've been reading your coverage,


our colleagues coverage, and it looks like


a very desperate situation for the Ukrainians.


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