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CONSPIRACY: Phillip Island Part 2

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True Crime

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🗓️ 4 December 2023

⏱️ 78 minutes

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When 23-year-old Beth Barnard is found murdered in her home, investigators immediately suspect a woman named Vivienne Cameron, whose husband had been having an affair with Beth. But the more investigators – and the wider public – dig into the mystery, the less the puzzle pieces seem to fit together.

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host Ashley Flowers.


And I'm Brett.


The murderer of Beth Barnard was almost an open and shut case.


Beth was sleeping with a married man named Fergus Cameron, his wife Vivian found out and went into a rage.


She attacked her husband, even had to take him to the hospital for stitches before dropping him off at his sisters so they could both have some space. Then she went to Beth's home,


killed her husband's mistress, and drove to the island's bridge to jump and take her own life.


Stories like this of love and jealousy and betrayal are as old as time, but there are very few that get discussed and picked apart nearly 40 years later the way that this one has.


And that's because unlike other cases where the more information you get,


the more a case makes sense.


In this one, the more information we get the more the leading theory the one that I just laid out


Unrables if you're jumping in you have to go listen to part one. Got to have that under your belt before


diving into this part two. But for those of you who are ready, let's go.


This is the story of Beth Barnard and Vivian Cameron, part two. the Oh, All police really need to close this case is to locate Vivian's body in the water. The physical evidence will probably follow but finding


her is their top priority. So the vast majority of investigators' resources are going towards


boats, divers, helicopters, basically the works in an attempt to find any sign


that backs up their theory that Viv died at that bridge.


But this thread that they're pulling at starts to unravel the whole thing because there is no sign of Viv.


And I'm not just talking about her body.


Along with the water search, they're combing nearby mud flats, the bridge itself, but they can't


find any evidence of her even being there.


And even if they can't find her body for some weird reason there should be at least some kind of


sign that she jumped because there's this salty film that covers the


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