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I.C.C. Prosecutor Requests Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders

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🗓️ 23 May 2024

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This week, Karim Khan, the top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, requested arrest warrants for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the country’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant. Patrick Kingsley, the Times’s bureau chief in Jerusalem, explains why this may set up a possible showdown between the court and Israel with its biggest ally, the United States.

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From the New York Times, I'm Sabrina Tavernisie, and this is the Daily. Earlier this week, the top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court requested


arrest warrants for Israel's Prime Minister and its Defence Minister.


The move shocked Israelis and set up a possible showdown


between the world's top criminal court and Israel together with its biggest ally,


the United States. Today, my colleague Jerusalem Bureau Chief Patrick Kingsley explains. It's Thursday, May 23rd.


So, Patrick, So Patrick earlier this week there was a pretty surprising announcement by the


International Criminal Court in the Hague. It had to do with Israel and Hamas.


Tell us what happened.


Well, on Monday morning we were all taken by surprise


by an announcement from the chief prosecutor at the ICC, the International Criminal Court, the top Criminal Court in the


world, it tries individuals accused of war crimes and the chief prosecutor announced that he was requesting arrest warrants for five individuals involved in the war between Israel and Hamas for crimes against humanity.


Three of them were from Hamas.


Yahya Sinwa, the head of Hamas within Gaza, the Hamas military commander and the political


leader of Hamas who's based in Qatar.


But maybe the biggest news in this announcement was that the chief


prosecutor was seeking the arrest of two of Israel's top leaders. Benjamin


Nesen Yahoo, the Prime Minister, and Joav Gallant, the defense minister.


And this was a massive bombshell.


These two men are leaders from a major US ally, they're in regular contact with the US government,


and they were being implicitly equated with the three top leaders of an organization, Hamas, that many


consider a terrorist organization.


And this equation sent shockwaves through Israeli society and indeed around the world.


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