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Biden’s Open War On Hidden Fees

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🗓️ 22 May 2024

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The Biden administration is trying to crack down on sneaky fees charged by hotels, rental cars, internet providers and more. Jim Tankersley, a White House correspondent, explains why the effort is doubling as a war against something else that Biden is finding much harder to defeat. Guest: Jim Tankersley, who covers economic policy at the White House for The New York Times

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From the New York Times, I'm Michael Bobaro.


This is the Daily.


Today, President Biden has declared war on hidden fees that cost American consumers


tens of billions of dollars a year. But as my colleague Jim Tankersley explains, it's doubling as a war


against something else that Biden is finding much harder to defeat. It's Wednesday, May 22nd.


It's Wednesday, May 22nd. Jim, over the past few weeks, the Biden administration has decided to take on airline fees


about as dreaded an enemy as you can imagine and I want you to just


describe what the president has done. Oh Michael I don't know if you do a lot of


flying but when you do fly on an airline, it turns


out there are a lot of additional charges beyond just the price of the ticket.


Now this depends on which airline you fly but a lot of airlines now they ask you to select a seat and they might charge you for your selection or for any selection.


Right. Do they ever they charge you to have the person you travel with sit next to you


and the baby you're traveling with sit next to that person?


Right, exactly. If you want to check a bag on some airlines, that's a fee.


If you want to carry on on some other airlines or with


certain tickets, that's a fee. And so what we have are several airlines that have adopted


sort of a business model where you charge low ticket prices up front but then you add fees throughout


the process and by the end your ticket could double.


Right and just to name a couple names why not spirit frontier that's how they operate sure and then


even the bigger guys like American and United has started charging some more of these


fees too so fees are sort of on the rise across the airline industry.


Okay, enter Joe Biden. Right, so the Biden administration, led by the


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