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LIVE EVENT Q&A: Dr. Andrew Huberman Question & Answer in Melbourne, AU

Huberman Lab

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🗓️ 22 March 2024

⏱️ 58 minutes

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Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a live event in Melbourne, AU. This event was part of a lecture series called The Brain Body Contract. My favorite part of the evening was the question and answer period, where I had the opportunity to answer questions from the attendees of each event. Included here is the Q&A from our event in Melbourne, AU at Plenary. Thank you to our sponsors AG1: https://drinkag1.com/huberman Eight Sleep: https://eightsleep.com/huberman Resources Ask Huberman Lab (AI platform) 10 Minute Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Timestamps (00:00:00) Introduction (00:02:50) Strategies for Preventing Dementia (00:15:07) Enhancing Willpower: Is It Comparable to Muscle Training? (00:22:40) Minimizing Circadian Disruption for Shift Workers (00:29:24) Difference Between NSDR & Meditation (00:37:32) Combatting Mindless Phone Scrolling (00:42:18) Dream Clinical Trials (00:55:55) Conclusion Disclaimer

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Welcome to the Huberman Lab Podcast, where we discuss science and science-based tools for everyday life.


I'm Andrew Huberman and I'm a professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine.


Recently the Huberman Lab Podcast hosted a live event at the Plenary Theater in


Melbourne, Australia. The event was called the Brain Body Contract and featured a lecture followed by a question and answer session with the audience.


We wanted to make the question and answer session available to everyone regardless if you could attend.


So what follows is the question and answer session from the plenary theater in Melbourne, Australia.


I also would like to thank the sponsors for the event.


They are 8 Sleep and AG1.


8 Sleep makes smart mattress covers with cooling heating and sleep tracking


capacity and one of the key aspects to getting a great night sleep is to


control the temperature of your sleeping environment and that's because in


order to fall and stay deeply asleep, your body temperature actually has to drop by about 1 to 3 degrees.


And in order to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, your body temperature actually has to increase by about 1 to 3 degrees.


8 sleep makes it extremely easy to control the temperature of your sleeping


environment at the beginning, middle, and throughout the night,


and when you wake up in the morning.


I've been sleeping on an 8 sleep mattress cover for nearly three years now and it has dramatically improved my sleep.


If you'd like to try 8 sleep you can go to 8 sleep.com slash Huberman to save 150 dollars off their pod 3 cover.


8 Sleep currently ships to the USA, Canada, UK, select countries in the EU and Australia.


Again, that's 8 Sleep.com slash Huberman. The other live event sponsor, A.G. 1, is a Vitamin Mineral Probiotic


Drink that also contains adaptogens and other critical micronutrients.


I've been taking A.G. 1 daily since 2012, so I'm delighted that they decided to sponsor the


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