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MISSING: From a Bus Stop

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True Crime

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🗓️ 3 June 2024

⏱️ 57 minutes

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For most of us, heading to a bus stop would be a mindless act. Just a stop before your next destination. But unfortunately for some, it’s become their last known sighting. Today, Brit and I are exploring several unsolved cases where victims have mysteriously disappeared from a bus stop. We’re hoping someone out there has more information as to what occurred before each of those buses arrived…

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host Ashley Flowers and I'm Brett and happy Pride month everybody


Although we're gonna be celebrating all year long. We don't want anyone forgetting just how important this month is.


Absolutely. This is such an amazing time to celebrate the LGBTQ plus communities and to share the love


with everyone around you.


Yeah, so you can go out and share the love crime junkies.


Be sure to head to our show notes for this episode because we're going to be linking out to a ton


of incredible organizations that support the LGBTQ plus community that could use your


love and support as well, whether you're looking to


donate time, money, even your attention, it's all equally important, not just this month,


but all year round.


So please just take a minute to go check them out and speaking of


attention we need your attention for the cases that we have for you today


because they are all unsolved and they all need as many eyes and ears as possible.


So the first one I have for you is about a young woman and her daughter


connected by more than just blood. When both


of their separate stories start near a bus stop at the end of their driveway, you


can't help but wonder if whoever made them vanish is a little bit closer to home. Oh, On October 4th, 1988, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office near Mount Holly, South Carolina is contacted by a man


named Steve Malinowski who's calling to report the oldest of his three kids his


11-year-old stepdaughter Annette missing. Steve explains that Annette didn't come home from school that day, so he said he went to


look for her, starting with where she waits for the bus down at the end of their driveway,


which is a long driveway because they live on this 6,000 acre plantation.


I guess Steve's the caretaker there and so they get to live in this house on the property.


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