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NEW SEASON: Park Predators

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🗓️ 28 May 2024

⏱️ 36 minutes

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audiochuck is back with the fifth season of the hit podcast Park Predators. Host Delia D’Ambra is telling listeners about murders and missing persons cases in parklands across North America and beyond.

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High Crime Junkies, it is finally summer.


And whether I'm soaking up the sun close to home or heading out on some family adventure or doing a new investigation,


the new season of park predators will be playing in my ears all summer long.


And if you haven't already, you need to check it out too.


This season, Delia Diamber is back to take us all over the world,


covering mysteries from the most iconic park spanning


from the Grand Canyon all the way to some more remote locations like the Plains of Zambia.


I promise Delia is going to tell you about a ton of cases you probably


have never heard of and maybe some that my crime junkies think they know but you can


always count on Delia to give you the full scoop. You can listen to new episodes of Park Predators on


Tuesdays and just to give you a little sneak peek I want to share the first episode with you right here.


So buckle up Park enthusiasts and remember sometimes the most beautiful


places hide the darkest secrets.


Hi Park enthusiasts I'm your host Delia Diambra and the case I'm going to tell you about today takes place in the Grand Canyon at a remote spot known for being a hidden paradise. Havasu Falls. This area technically sits outside of Grand Canyon National Park and is within the boundary of the Havasupei Native American Reservation.


This story is a tragic tale of murder, and unlike some cases I've told you about on this


show, it doesn't have a complicated narrative.


There aren't multiple people involved or multiple theories about what might have really happened.


It's the case of a cold-blooded killing perpetrated by a young man who was hell-bent on robbing and killing the most vulnerable person he thought he could find, a young woman


hiking alone. He used his lifelong knowledge of the remote rugged landscape he'd grown up in


to try and cover up his crime. But eventually it all caught up to him.


The murder of Tamami Hanamure in the summer of 2006 should be a case that sticks with you


long after listening to this episode.


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