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Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process

Huberman Lab

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🗓️ 25 December 2023

⏱️ 148 minutes

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In this episode, my guest is Rick Rubin, world-renowned music producer of numerous award-winning artists, including Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Adele, Eminem, Slayer, and many more. Rick is also the host of the podcast Tetragrammaton and the author of the best-selling book about the creative process entitled “The Creative Act: A Way of Being.” In this Q&A episode, Rick explains the practical aspects of the creative process, such as specific morning and daily routines, the role of movement, and how to source and capture ideas, interpret dreams, and generate work-life balance. He also offers advice for those struggling with creative or motivation blocks. He explains how cultivating relationships with the unknown, uncertainty and life circumstances heightens the creative process. Rick’s insights into accessing your artistic spirit and direction apply to everyone and all realms of art, work, and life. For show notes, including referenced articles and additional resources, please visit hubermanlab.com. Thank you to our sponsors AG1: https://drinkag1.com/huberman Maui Nui Venison: https://mauinuivenison.com/huberman Eight Sleep: https://eightsleep.com/huberman Waking Up: https://wakingup.com/huberman InsideTracker: https://insidetracker.com/huberman Momentous: https://livemomentous.com/huberman Timestamps (00:00:00) Rick Rubin (00:02:00) Sponsors: Maui Nui, Eight Sleep & Waking Up (00:06:27) Tool: Coherence Breathing, Heart Rate Variability (00:09:32) Treading Water, Podcasts (00:11:45) Tool: Meditation Practices (00:15:43) Sunlight, Skin, Circadian Rhythm (00:20:00) Headphones, Natural Living, Diet (00:24:31) Artificial Intelligence (AI); Childhood; Magic & Mentalists (00:28:34) Tool: Writer’s Block, Creativity, Diary Entries; Deadlines (00:34:58) Sponsor: AG1 (00:35:54) Uncertainty; Creativity & Challenges; Sensitivity & Environment (00:40:43) Wrestling, Storytelling; Johnny Cash (00:48:51) Creative Endeavors & Outcome; Surprise in Oneself; Experimentation (00:56:36) Resistance; Business & Art (01:00:37) Sponsor: InsideTracker (01:01:39) Source of Ideas; Internet & Information (01:08:31) Dreams & Interpretation; Unconscious Mind; Motivations, Art & Outcome (01:14:07) Career Advice, Book Writing, Diary Entries, Expressive Writing (01:19:25) Music Industry; Capturing Ideas; Money & Ingenuity (01:25:21) Audience; Innovative Ideas (01:29:35) Alcohol, Confidence, Psychedelics (01:35:10) Creativity, Chaos & Organization; Shocking Experiences (01:42:13) News & False Stories; Playing, Wonder & Childhood (01:46:58) Ramones; Henry Rollins (01:49:55) Daily Routine; Red Light, Circadian Rhythm & “Cheap Photons” (01:57:46) Creativity, Experience vs. Institutions; Work, Stress & Relationships (02:04:29) Book Recommendations; Ancestry & Creativity (02:07:41) Experiencing Music; Developing Albums (02:12:28) Music Videos; Book Interpretation; Current Projects & Documentaries (02:16:40) Podcasting & Conversation (02:25:41) Zero-Cost Support, Spotify & Apple Reviews, YouTube Feedback, Sponsors, Momentous, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter Disclaimer

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Welcome to the Huberman Lab Podcast, where we discuss science and science-based tools for everyday life.


I'm Andrew Huberman and I'm a professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine.


My guest today is Rick Rubin.


Rick Rubin is a world-renowned music producer,


having worked with an enormous number of incredible artists.


Producing, for instance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Johnny Cash,


Adele, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty, and of course Slayer.


This last year, Rick also authored his first book,


which is a truly incredible exploration


into the creative process.


His book is entitled, The Creative Act,


a way of being.


Rick has appeared once before on the Huberman Lab podcast,


and during that appearance,


he offered to answer listeners and


viewers questions. Those questions were put in the comment section on YouTube and


we received thousands of them. So today Rick answers your questions about the creative process. I also took note of the feedback that when Rick previously appeared on the Huberman Lab podcast that perhaps I spoke a bit more than the audience would have preferred.


So today I refrain from speaking too much and try and give as much airtime as possible to Rick


in order to directly answer your questions. You'll notice that today's discussion gets really


into the practical aspects of the creative process. The most frequent questions that I


received for Rick were ones in which people really want to understand what his specific process is each


and every day, as well as when he's producing music or other forms of art.


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