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The Supreme Court Takes Up Homelessness

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🗓️ 19 April 2024

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Debates over homeless encampments in the United States have intensified as their number has surged. To tackle the problem, some cities have enforced bans on public camping. As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments about whether such actions are legal, Abbie VanSickle, who covers the court for The Times, discusses the case and its far-reaching implications. Guest: Abbie VanSickle, a Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times.

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From the New York Times, I'm Katron Benhold. This is the Daily.


This morning we're taking a much closer look at homelessness in the United States


as it reaches a level not seen in the modern era as the number


of homeless people has searched in the US more than 653,000 a 12% population


increase since last year.


The debate over homeless encampments across the country has intensified.


It is not humane to let people live on our streets in tents use drugs we are not


standing for it anymore. People have had it they're fed up I'm fed up people want to


see these tents and encampments removed in a compassion and thoughtful way and we agree.


With public officials saying they need more tools to address the crisis.


We're moving from block to block and every block they say can't be here can't be here.


I don't know where it's supposed to go, you know?


And homeless people and their advocates saying those tools are intended to unfairly punish them.


They come and they sweep and they take everything from me.


I can't get out of the hole I mean because they keep putting me back in square one.


That debate is now reaching the Supreme Court which is about to hear arguments in the most significant case on homelessness and decades,


about whether cities can make it illegal to be homeless.


My colleague Abby Van Sickle on the backstory of that case, and its far-reaching implications for cities across the US. It's Friday, April 19th.


So Abbey, you've been reporting on this case that has been making waves, Grants Pass versus Johnson, which the Supreme Court is taking up next week.


What's this case about?


So this case is about a small town in Oregon where three homeless people sued the city after they


received tickets for sleeping and camping outside. And this case is the latest case that shows us growing tension,


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